Nonnas is the best choice
to enjoy your stay
by the sea.

Nonnas in Albania is a nickname used to call your beloved grandmother. In our culture, we love our nonnas because they take care of every detail of our comfort. This is why ‘Nonna’s’ Hotel delivers the experience that makes you feel as you are in your home.

Nonnas offers a variety of rooms and facilities! Including a stunning sea view, a pool just above your room, and a restaurant close to your stay.

Nonnas Boutique has a capacity of 53 pax, made of 20 rooms

9 Double Rooms - KING SIZE BED
9 ripple Room - KING SIZE BED + TWIN BED
2 Quadruple Room - KING SIZE BED + 2 TWIN BEDS

*All King size beds can be separated in two twin beds


+355 69 600 9700